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2K Car Spray Paint

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Buy 2k car spray paint

2K car spray paint consists of 2 components:

  1. The first component is automotive paint
  2. The second component is the hardener.

The hardener activates the car paint and makes it resistant to gasoline, chemicals and other external weather influences. CROP makes car spray paint in any colour. Our paint mixer can make any auto paint in a can or 2K aerosol.

Professional 2K acryl automotive paint

At CROP, you are assured of buying professional 2K car spray paint on solvent base. Our conventional 2K car paint is a high-quality acrylic automotive paint that guarantees a 100% colour match with fantastic coverage.

Clear coat is not necessary with 2K automotive paint

This is a frequently asked question. Thanks to the 2k automotive paint, it is not necessary to use a clear coat paint. In case you still want to use a clear coat, we advise to use 1K car paint and spray it off with a 2K car clear coat.

Is metallic spray paint possible in a 2-component quality?

Do you have a metallic car paint, or would you like to buy a metallic colour in 2K? Unfortunately, this is not possible. Metallic spray paint colours are not available in a 2K quality, due to the silver particles in the automotive paint. Furthermore, we recommend buying a metallic spray paint in 1K quality and spray it off with 2k clear coat paint. You will achieve the same end result just like a 2K car spray paint.

Benefits 2k automotive paint

2 component car spray paint has many advantages:

  • The automotive paint is resistant to scratches, chemicals, thinner, petrol and external weather influences.
  • In addition, it is not necessary to use a car clear coat over 2K auto paint. This saves not only time, but also money!
  • Also, 2K car paint is available in different gloss levels. The available gloss degrees are high gloss, satin gloss, matte and ultra-matte.

No colour code or name of a car spray paint?

Would you like to buy car spray paint, but is the colour code or name missing? Don’t worry, our colour mixer is able to identify any colour. We use a special spectrophotometer that scans objects without any additional information required. After we have attained the results, we can mix car paint in a can or aerosol.

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