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Transparent Paint

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  1. Montana Glass Paint Spuitbus
    Montana Glass Paint Spuitbus
    €4.60 €3.80 Retail price €6.04
  2. Montana GOLD Spuitbussen 400ml
    Montana GOLD Transparent Colour in 400ml Aerosol
    €3.96 €3.27 Retail price €4.78
  3. BELTON Transparent-Spray in 150ml Aerosol
    BELTON Transparent in 150ml Aerosol
    €7.70 €6.36 Retail price €12.40
  4. MOTIP Backlight Transparent Spray in 400ml Aerosol
    MOTIP Backlight Transparent in 400ml Aerosol
    €11.22 €9.27 Retail price €14.47
  5. VHT Nite-Shades LICHTEN LAK in Spuitbus
    VHT Nite-Shades in Aerosol
    €24.25 €20.04 Retail price €29.34
  6. MoTip Backlight Remover 150ml Spuitbus
    MOTIP Backlight Remover in 150ml Aerosol
    €5.97 €4.93 Retail price €8.75
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Transparent Paint

When a paint color is opaque, it hides what's underneath it. Furthermore, when you can't see any or much of what's beneath the color, it is an opaque spray paint. If you can see an underpainting, then that paint is just the opposite of opaque, it is transparent. Backlight spray and other transparent paints are suitable for spraying tail lights, headlights and reflectors. These aerosols give vehicles a special look. In addition to cars, other parts made of plastic and glass can also be sprayed. The more coats applied, the less light can pass through the object.

VHT Nite Shades

VHT Nite-Shades is a transparent black tail light lens coating for creating a custom European styling. When applied to tail lights, fog lights or turn indicators, VHT Nite-Shades appears black until they are lit, then the natural red color appears. Warning: Once applied to a plastic lens, VHT Nite-Shades cannot be satisfactorily removed. For off-road use only.

Montana Transparent Glass Paint

Glass is everywhere. Our windows are made of it, our homes have vases made from it, the bottles we drink from and even the jars we get some of our food from are all made of glass. Whether it is a little extra privacy by frosting a window, some creative upcycling or redecorating some old glass homewares, the Montana Glass Paint 250ml is just what you need to add color to glass while enjoying the transparency of light. Montana transparent glass paint is nitro-acrylic-combi based paint that is delivered under low pressure. The 9 available colors dry to a semi transparent, frosted matte finish. Making it possible to allow light to pass through the painted glass and arrive in the appearance of the color which it has been applied. The following transparant paint colors are available

  • Frosted/Matt Almond
  • Frosted/Matt Orchid
  • Frosted/Matt Mint
  • Frosted/Matt Coral Red
  • Frosted/Matt Bay Blue
  • Frosted/Matt White
  • Frosted/Matt Rosé
  • Frosted/Matt Teal
  • Frosted/Matt Black
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