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  1. BRUNOX Turbo Spray Roestoplosser & Multifunctionele Spray met Turboline en 2-W-Click Sproeikop 400ml
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MoTip Cycling

Cycling products are especially developed by Motip's R&D Department, each with a specific field of application. 

Cycling Chain Cleaner

High quality cleaner for chains and gear wheels. In view of the unique formula (a combination of the gel structure, the emulsifying properties and the slow evaporation rate) chain cleaner has an optimum cleansing effect.

Cycling Chain Spray Sport

Cycling chain spray sport has a low coefficient of friction for minimal resistance while maintaining the excellent lubricating effect even under heavy load. Specially developed for chains and gears of racing bikes, cross bikes and mountain bikes. In severe conditions, we recommend to use MOTIP Cycling Chain Spray Ultra.

Cycling Chain Oil Ultra

High quality lubricant to treat chains and gear wheels of bikes. Chain Oil Sport has a very low friction factor for minimal resistance while retaining the lubricant, even under a heavy load. Specially designed for chains and gears of racing-, cross- and mountain bikes. In heavy conditions we recommend to use Ultra MOTIP Cycling Chain Oil.

Cycling Super Lubricant

High quality, low viscosity lubricant for treating all non-bearing, moving parts of bicycles, with the exception of chains. Suitable for the treatment of sections of treated and untreated carbon, aluminium, steel and plastic. Cycling super lubricant has a low coefficient of friction for minimal resistance.

Cycling Shield

High-quality spray for treating fasteners to prevent corrosion.

Cycling Shine & Protect

High quality maintenance product for cleaning, protecting and obtaining a lasting shine. Suitable for treating all painted and carbon bicycle parts.

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