Winter products

CROP helps you through the winter

With our winter products you are assured of a safe and trouble-free winter. We have a full range of products to make winter as pleasant as possible.

Window defrosters in aerosol and spray

Window defroster quickly removes ice from your frozen car window. Thanks to defrosters, ice scratching is no longer necessary. Even strong frozen windows are easily defrosted thanks to the strong formula. Our defrosters come in a convenient aerosol or spray, making them easy to use. Driving with frozen windows or with insufficient visibility, which can lead to life-threatening situations, now belong to the past.

Buy starter cables before it's too late

An empty battery comes across everyone. For this reason, each car should have a set of starting cables. By means of good starting cables and another car with full battery, a vehicle can be started easily and quickly. At you have the choice of various starter cables in different qualities. From long and heavy starter cables for heavier cars, to light and small starting cables for smaller vehicles. Do not wait until it's too late and buy starter cables for your car to avoid trouble with an empty battery.

Gritting salt

Gritting salt to combat and prevent smoothness by snow, glazed frost and ice. Our gritting salt works at extremely low temperatures and is not harmful to the environment, humans and animals. Also, it doesn’t leave any damage to floors and carpets, nor does it leave any marks.

Anti ice blanket keeps your window ice-free

Anti-ice blankets serve to prevent frozen windows, even at extremely low temperatures. When parking your car, place the anti-icing blanket on your window and clamp it between the side doors. This keeps the blanket in its place and prevents it from being stolen. After a night frost, remove the blanket of your window and you can drive away with a safe view of the road.

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