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About CROP

CROP is a Dutch company and originally founded in The Hague. We began with a love for cars and car paint. Nowadays, we are an internationally operating Webshop with more than 6,000 products. Our team is happy to help you make your project a real success!

Are you curious how CROP has grown? Read more about the history.

History of CROP

CROP originated from family business Driessen Autolak & Zonen B.V. Driessen Autolak was nationally known as the automotive paint expert since 1931.

Mr. B.J. Driessen Sr. was a real car enthusiast in heart and soul. With the passion for four-wheelers, Senior started the company Berry Loid in The Hague, where he imported Corona paints from America to the Netherlands. The passion for cars and the perfection for detail in car paint, ensured the further success of Driessen Autolak.

Unfortunately B.J. Driessen Sr. died in early 19's at a relatively young age. As a young boy of 16 years, his son J.W.J. Driessen was removed from class to run the company with his mother. Junior had the same passion for cars and paint from an early age, which was introduced from birth onwards. The role to follow in the footsteps of his father was perfectly suited for him.

When did Berry Loid became Driessen Autolak?

J.W.J. Driessen, with the nickname Joop, was known as 'the doctor in a dust coat' who had an answer to everything. Thanks to his phenomenal dedication, expertise and drive, Driessen Autolak became market leader in the field of car paint in the Netherlands and surrounding area. With two offices in The Hague; one at the Charlotte de Bourbonstraat, the other at the Zuiderparklaan, Driessen Autolak became the address for all paints.

Joop Driessen Sr. had, just like his father, a passionate son with a penchant for cars, speed and accompanying car paint. It quickly became clear that his son would learn everything from 'the great master'. After school, during holidays and on weekends, the course was learned with the intention to transfer it to his son, B.J. Driessen Jr.

Junior, Driessen Autolak moved from The Hague to Rotterdam with offices on the Oostzeedijk and on the Rietbaan. The imported car paint named DuPont were known for their professional high quality. Despite the success, Joop Driessen decided to sell the company to paint supplier DuPont in 2000 and new insights were created in the future of car paints and related products.

Joop Jr. was fascinated at an early age by the industry of computers and automation. The arrival of internet with the know-how of car paint and NonPaint products, Joop was the first one in Europe that launched the CROP Webshop in 2002.

Joop Driessen Junior set up his Webshop with the 20 most used products in the car repair industry, to 'trigger' the market to order online without having to leave your company. The online shop quickly grew into the largest and most comprehensive shop in Europe within the Paint & NonPaint industry.

The same love and passion for cars, enthusiasm and commitment from generation to generation reflects the success of CROP today.

Do you know us from the past or do you want to know more? Give us a call, we would love to talk about it!

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