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Spray paint accessories

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Spray Paint Supplies & Accessories

At CROP we stock a vast array of spray can accessories. The accessory range includes spray paint caps, spray paint triggers and bags.

Spray Paint Caps

When it comes to spray paint, your spray paint cap can make the world of difference to the outcome of your work. Whether you’re looking to replace an old cap or change styles to create new effects in your artwork, at CROP we have you covered with a vast array of spray paint caps.

Spray Paint Triggers

A spray can trigger is designed to grip standard aerosol cans and gives you an easy and comfortable way to spray.

Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip Spray Gun Trigger

Make spray painting jobs simple and comfortable with Rust-Oleum High Performance Comfort Grip. Its ergonomic design provides maximum control when using an aerosol paint, making it easy to complete large projects.

  • Large, soft-touch trigger reduces finger fatigue
  • Durable construction withstands repetitive use
  • Snaps securely onto spray cans
  • For Best Results Make sure Comfort Grip is securely attached before using
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