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Leather Paint

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Leather paint

Leather paint is a special paint to dye leather. Leather paint comes in many different colors. Thanks to its unique formula, leather paint adheres to all types of leather. Whether you want to dye real leather, skai leather or spray vinyl. At CROP you can buy leather paint in spray can from SEM, MoTip and Colormatic. This high-quality paint for leather can be ordered in all colors.

Leather paint colors

Want to dye leather yourself and choose the right color for it? At Nonpaints.com you have a wide choice of the most common colors of paint for leather and special colors such as white and red. Don't know what color leather paint you want to buy? Then contact our product specialists; we are happy to help you select the right color of leather paint for your job. We can also send you a leather paint sample so you can check the color. The most popular colors of leather paint are:

  • Leather paint black
  • Leather paint white
  • Leather paint red
  • Leather paint brown
  • Leather paint beige

Step-by-step plan: leather dyeing

Leather dyeing step-by-step plan helps you when you want to spray, dye or paint leather yourself. With these instructions you can read step by step how to use leather paint. We recommend at all times to read the manual of the product before you start dyeing leather. After all, every product has its own way of working.

  1. Before you start leather dyeing, clean the surface by degreasing.
  2. Lightly sand the leather with P400 grit.
  3. After sanding, degrease the leather again.
  4. When the leather is dry, you can begin leather dyeing.
  5. Shake the spray can of leather paint well before use.
  6. Always spray a test piece first before starting.
  7. Spray the leather paint in 2 to 3 layers on the leather.
  8. Keep a 5-minute pause between spray coats to allow the paint to evaporate.
  9. Let the leather paint dry after the last coat.

Leather paint black

Leather paint black is the most commonly chosen color when dyeing leather. Leather paint black has a deep black color and dries satin matte. By spraying black leather paint, the leather looks original and like new again. Because of this, leather paint black is widely used in a car when the leather is damaged, dull or weathered. Because of the color black, the paint has a high hiding power which makes it easy to paint leather by spraying.

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