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  1. BELTON SPECIAL Stainless Steel Effectspray Aerosol 400ml
    Candy Apple Basecoat 1K in 400ml Aerosol - SPARKLING SILVER
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Best Spray Paint Brands

The variety of spray paint styles on offer gives you a wealth of creative possibilities. From automotive spray paint and plasti dip to technical sprays and fabric spray paint, you can be led by your project and find the perfect effect to suit. So, if you’re looking for spray paint for plastic, spray paint for wood or spray paint for vehicles, there are no limits to your creativity as the choice of spray paint finishes is immense. Whether you need vibrant matte or high-gloss colour coverage, shiny metallic and chrome spray paint or effects such as chalkboard, glitter, crackle and marble, there’s a spray paint for you!

SprayMax 2 Component Car Spray Paint

2K aerosol car paint is unique among the car paint range. Our automotive spray paint is filled in a professional SprayMax car aerosol spray paint. All solid colours are available in a SprayMax aerosol. The special SprayMax technology cannot be compared with conventional spray can technology. This auto 'spray paint has' the ultimate combination of hardware (can, valve, spray head, mixing balls) that enables the famous SprayMax aerosol technology and application benefits. 2K paint also has the following benefits:

  • The automotive paint is resistant to scratches, chemicals, paint thinner, petrol and external weather influences.
  • In addition, it is not necessary to use a car clear coat over 2K auto paint. This saves not only time, but also money!
  • Also, 2K car paint is available in different gloss levels. The available gloss degrees are high gloss, satin gloss, matte and ultra-matte.

VHT Spray Paints

VHT is a division of Dupli-Color, a Sherwin-Williams brand. And together, they strive to be the leader in the automotive specialty coatings industry, bringing an expanded product line with our continuing quality promise to the market. VHT also offers other High Heat products for applications ranging from 250°F (121°C)—900°F (482°C): High Temp Engine Enamel, Caliper Paint, Wheel Paint, Wrinkle Plus and Roll Bar & Chassis.

Montana Spray Paints

Montana Cans offer spray cans and other artist tools not only for the creative minds but also for professionals, especially since all ingredients are of highest quality. The famous Montana Gold is known and appreciated for it’s wide color range excellent for fine art or mural painting. Combined with the new Montana Tech series or the acrylic markers Montana Gold proves to be multifaceted as well as versatile. The Montana Black can is the winter proof allrounder spray can beloved by artists for graffiti, thanks to it’s durability. For an ultimate urban street calligraphy experience the Montana Ultra Wide provides wide line work from 15 to 60cm. 

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