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Wheel Paint

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Rim Paint

There are many options for personalising your car. When you want to customise your vehicle's wheels, painting your rims is a quick and easy way to do this. Many high-end automotive manufacturers distinguish themselves with painted rims. Wheel paints are sold in rattle cans, aka aerosol cans. The spray paint typically contains 4 ounces of actual paint, 2 to 3 ounces of solvent, and about 5 ounces of compressed air (propellant). When you press the nozzle with your fingertips, the propellant pushes on the paint, forcing it out of the tube and onto a surface area.

VHT Wheel Paint

VHT Wheel Paint provides a great finish and real protection for all standard and custom wheels. Everyday wheels take a beating both on and off the road. Salt, sand, brake dust and rocks severely damage the appearance and protection of the wheel surface. This unique product resists chipping, cracking and fading, while protecting the wheel surface from oxidation, and is available in five popular colors, plus clear coat.

2K Wheel Paint

2 component wheel spray paint has many advantages:

  • The automotive paint is resistant to scratches, chemicals, thinner, petrol and external weather influences.
  • In addition, it is not necessary to use a car clear coat over 2K auto paint. This saves not only time, but also money!
  • Also, 2K car paint is available in different gloss levels. The available gloss degrees are high gloss, satin gloss, matte and ultra-matte.

Benefits of Wheel Paint

  • You can create a personal touch because there is a wide variety of wheel paint colors to choose from. You can paint your rims in different colors and accent your wheels.
  • You can easily paint over it when you want a new wheel color.
  • Wheel spray paint is quite cheap.
  • Painting your wheels is not rocket science. Simply degrease, sand and prime the surface before spraying rim spray paint.
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