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CROP 2K aerosols

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  1. CROP 2K MAT ZWART spuitbus 400ml
    CROP 2K Black Matt Spray Paint 400ml
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  2. CROP Custom 2K Car Spray Paint 400ml
    CROP Custom 2K Car Spray Paint 400ml
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    • Order before 10pm, same day shipping
    • Up to 100 days returns
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CROP 2K spray cans

CROP 2K spray cans of the highest quality are professionally used by auto painters, body shop, restoration companies and the most demanding craftsmen or hobbyists who want the best spray can for their project. Every CROP 2K spray can is based on the SprayMax 2K spray can technology and contains the best automotive paint, paint by color, clearcoat or primer. At Nonpaints.com you can buy the below lacquer, paint and primer in 2K aerosol can:

  • 2K paint by color
  • 2K clear lacquer
  • 2K epoxy primer

2K spray paint on color

Want to buy car paint by color in a 2K aerosol can? The CROP 2K aerosol can of car paint is custom made in the original color of your car, motorcycle, caravan, camper or scooter. This 2K aerosol can car paint on color is mixed using the official color code making the spray 100% match without color difference. The High Solid 2K paint provides high coverage where the car paint flows beautifully to a mirror smooth and tight surface. This 2K automotive paint spray is ideal for repairing paint damage, making repairs or painting a new part and surface in color.

CROP 2K Clear Varnish Sprayer

CROP 2K Clear Varnish spray can has been voted the best 2-component clearcoat for over 1K base-coat and 2K automotive paint by color. The CROP High Solid clear varnish in 2K aerosol can has a high film thickness and beautiful flow which makes the varnish dry clear transparent and tight. After drying the professional 2K clear coat is scratch resistant, fuel resistant, UV resistant and resistant to all weather influences whereby the transparent varnish does not yellow. The aerosol 2 component clear coat of CROP can be ordered in three gloss levels, namely:

  • Spray can 2K clear lacquer high gloss
  • Cans of 2K clear lacquer matt
  • Cans of 2K Clearcoat satin gloss

CROP 2K Epoxy Primer Sprayer

CROP 2K Epoxy Primer spray can is a High Build primer which gives it high filling power to fill and level out unevennesses in the substrate. Because the 2K epoxy primer is also an etching primer, it has tremendously strong adhesion to the surface and the primer creates fantastic anti-rust protection for metal, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, steel and more. After the primer dries, you can sand the epoxy primer to a tight surface, giving you the perfect base for both a water-based and solvent-based paint. CROP's aerosol 2K epoxy primer can be ordered in three colors, namely:

  • Spray can 2K epoxy primer gray
  • Spray can of 2K epoxy primer black
  • Spray can 2K epoxy primer beige - white

How long will the 2K spray can last?

How long is a 2K aerosol spray can shelf life? That is one of the most frequently asked questions when buying a 2 component spray. The answer is simple, for years provided the spray can has not been activated! When you order this spray, the 2 components are still separate from each other. Because of this you can store it for years, just like other spray cans. However, when you activate the spray can, the two components will be mixed together. The desired hardening process will then start, giving the 2K spray can a shelf life of 24 hours.

How does a 2K spray can work?

Do you want to know how a 2K spray can works? As the name suggests, it is an aerosol can that contains 2 different components, namely the lacquer or paint itself and the hardener. If you are going to buy a 2K spray can then these two components are separated from each other, otherwise the lacquer will arrive hardened and that is not the intention. If you are going to work with the 2K spray can then you need to mix the 2 components in the spray together. You do this by performing the steps below.

  1. Shake the spray can well for 2 minutes before use.
  2. Remove the red knob from the cap of the spray can and place it on the bottom of the spray.
  3. Place the spray can upside down on a straight surface such as a table or the ground.
  4. Now press the red button with the palm of your hand until it won't go any further.
  5. After activating the spray, it is important to shake the spray can well again so that the 2 components are mixed together.
  6. Now the spray is ready to use.
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