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Hammered Paint

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  1. Hammerite Hamerslag verf
    Hammerite Hamerslag verf
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Hammered Spray Paint

Rustoleum CombiColor Hammertone offers a hammered finish with a high level of protection lasting for years that can be applied in a matter of minutes. Rustoleum Hammered Paint is part of the extensive range of topcoat paints from Rustoleum, brought to you in a spray can for quick and easy application. Rustoleum CombiColor Hammertone can applied to a number of surfaces to produce a great hammertone finish, in a selection of 4 different colours.

  • Lead- and chromate-free
  • High gloss appearance
  • Excellent hiding properties
  • Contains rust-inhibitive pigments for additional corrosion protection

Hammered Finish

Hammered finish paint, hammer paint or hammertone as it is commonly referred to as, is a specialist coating with a surface that looks like hammered metal once it is dry. A hammered coating looks as though it has been attacked with a hammer, without damaging the paint or the substrate. It is popular for railings, garden furniture, radiators, gates and a whole host of other metal surfaces. The slightly iridescent areas are caused by the different orientation of very small mica particles which are suspended in the hammer paint. Mica is chemically inactive and very resistant. Hammer paint is used mainly as a way of improving the appearance of castings and less as protective coating.

MoTip Hammerfinish Paint

Fast drying paint with hammered effect to treat surfaces, treated and untreated, of wood, metal, aluminium, glass and various types of plastic. Hammer paint with a special varnish which, during drying, gives the optical impression of many hammer blows and creates a structured surface. Hammer paint can be sprayed on treated and untreated surfaces such as wood, metal, aluminum, glass, stone and various types of plastic.

Pros Hammer Paint

  • Surfaces look acceptable even if the underlying surface is not flat and smooth
  • High resistance to temperature
  • Mica protects the binding material underneath from UV rays
  • Scratch resistant
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