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Fluorescent Paint

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Neon Paint

Neon paints contain a vivid fluorescent pigment which reacts to UV light by fluorescing brightly in one of several colours. Luminous paints are becoming more and more popular, with the constant growing need to identify hazards and problems. Our luminous coatings are available in a wide range of colours, giving you the freedom you need to find a luminous paint colour to suit your needs. With high visibility, our fluorescent paints are perfect for both interior or exterior use and on various different surfaces, including concrete, brick, wood, masonry and metal.

Montana Fluor Paint

Montana neon paint is a very brightly colored paint spray that is perfect for brightening up surfaces and making them visible from a distance.
 The pigment’s purity has a high luminosity index. 
 To obtain a more effective finish, first apply a layer of Montana White Primer.
 Subsequent varnishing with Montana Tech Varnish is recommended if greater permanence and resistance to abrasion is required. Available colors

  • F1000 Flash Yellow
  • F2000 Power Orange
  • F3000 Fire Red
  • F4000 Gleaming Pink
  • F5000 Flame Blue
  • F6000 Acid Green
  • F9100 Disco White

Belton Neon Paint

Belton neon acrylic paint contains fluorescent special pigments and can be used to lend various objects a bright neon effect. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For best results, apply a white undercoat (primer).

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