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  1. MIPA 2K Clear Coat Matt
    MIPA 2K Clear Coat Matt
    €19.53 Retail price €27.00
  2. MIPA CC4 2K High Solid Clear Coat
    MIPA CC4 2K High Solid Clear Coat
    €14.95 Retail price €19.00

Items 1-24 of 41

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Clear coat in high gloss, satin and matte

Clear coat determines the gloss of your car, motorcycle, vehicle or object. We offer three types of gloss degrees: high gloss, satin and matte clear coat. A high gloss transparent coat ensures a crystal clear high gloss of the paint, whereas a satin varnish lies between matt and high gloss. Nowadays, a matte look is the new trend. This tough matte look is created by a matt coat. The transparent coats can be used for a lot of things!

CROP offers a wide range of different automotive clear coats

Car clear coat serves as a protection of the paint. Car paint nowadays must withstand a lot. Not only against various weather influences, but also against gasoline, scratches, bird droppings, acids and other chemicals. A transparent coat ensures that the paint is protected in the best way.

We deliver professional transparent coat for cars with fast drying properties for very long and intensive use. Our paint coats have good filling properties, excellent adhesion to the base coat and superior flow for a nice finish.

1K clear coat 

1-component paint clear coat is a fast drying clear coat for the protection of the base coat. 1K coat provides good protection against various weather influences.

2K clear coat

2-component automotive clear coat offers the best protection of the paint. 2K coat becomes extremely hard by a chemical reaction of two substances. The second substance added is the hardener, also called activator. The 2K coat ensures that the paint is scratch-resistant and shockproof. In addition, it offers the best protection against gasoline and other chemicals.

CROP offers 1K and 2K coats in aerosol, can and touch-up pen. For any application, we offer the right clear coat.

CROP is the right address for all your car clear coats in 1K and 2K quality at a competitive price.

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