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MoTip Car Care Black

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MoTip Car Care Black

The MoTip Car Care Black assortment consists of a large number of cleaning and maintenance products, both for the interior and the exterior of vehicles.

Colour Polish

Polish to mask superficial scratches in lacquered surfaces, both metallic and non-metallic. Gives a glossy result and restores the original colour. Colour polish is lightly polishing and protects against weather influences. Available in

  • Colour Polish White
  • Colour Polish Black
  • Colour Polish Light Red
  • Colour Polish Grey
  • Colour Polish Blue
  • Colour Polish Green
  • Colour Polish Red

Cockpit Spray

Motip Cockpit Sprays have excellent cleansing properties, to clean, protect and embellish the dashboard and other plastic parts in the car. Cockpit Spray Semi Gloss has a subtle scent, is dirt repellent and antistatic giving a lasting silky gloss.

Glass Cleaner

This unique formula spreads and wipes off quickly, with superior cleaning ability to tackle even the dirtiest glass. Easily removes vinyl fog residue, road grime, bird droppings and bug splatter.

Textile Cleaner

Effective, fast drying foam to clean fabrics. Textile cleaner is a user-friendly, dry cleansing foam. Motip Car Care Textile Cleaner has high dissolving properties and a subtle scent.

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