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Water Based Paint

Waterborne Paint

Water based paints have several advantages beyond the lack of chemical smell that may be beneficial to become familiar with. Water-based paints have less odour once applied to surfaces and they don't react with pollutants in the atmosphere to contribute to climate change. Water-based paint aerosols contain a water-based paint. A spray can with water-based paint has the great advantage that it is environmentally friendly and does not contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to health, people, animals or the environment. Because the spray paint is water-based, no dangerous chemicals are released that can cause health damage. 

DupliColor Aqua Water Based Acrylic Paint

Duplicolor Aqua waterbased paint is an environmental-friendly spray paint. 90 % of the solvents have been replaced by water. High-gloss and matt colours as well as a primer in a new, quick-drying quality. Even suitable for outdoor objects. For nearly all surfaces

  • Lacquering of kitchen and bathroom accessories
  • Gardening tools and garden furniture
  • Children’s rooms and toys etc. made of wickerware, wood, carton, metal, fabric, paintable hardplastics, glass, ceramics, etc.
  • Even suitable for use on polystyrene.

The lacquered objects can be cleaned with a mild dishwashing detergent. From translucent to cover coat - you decide about the depth of colour!

Also available in this range

  • Waterbased gloss paint
  • Waterbased primer paint

Benefits Waterbased Paint

In general, water-based paints are suitable for a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, and glass.

  • Waterbased paints have less odour
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Not harmful to health
  • Not harmful to humans and animals
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to apply

Cons Water Based Gloss Paint

The finish achieved with water-based paint is prone to chipping and damage from impact and scuffing. Whilst Matt and silk finishes are very effective, a gloss finish is not very shiny and it is virtually impossible to achieve a mirror finish. 

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