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Anti rust spray paint

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Anti Corrosion Car Spray Paint

Protect your metal: Anti Rust Paints are specially formulated to form a tough barrier with anti corrosion properties. CROP stocks a different range of anti rust sprays that provide rust prevention, anti-rust treatment and corrosion protection. 

Rust Converters & Removers

Generally, there are two main types of corrosion which can be found on a vehicle's bodywork. 

  • Surface corrosion
    • Appears above or below the surface of car spray paint. Can be caused by a paint defect or stone chips.
  • Through body corrosion
    • Corrosion forming from inside a metal panel which is rusting from the inside of the panel. It works its way through the panel from inside out.

Spraymax Epoxy Primer

Spraymax Epoxy Primer is available in 1K and 2K. It is a high quality epoxy resin-based primer. An epoxy primer can be used for corrosion protection of

  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised surfaces
  • Other non-ferrous metals

3M Inner Cavity Wax

3M Cavity Wax is an interior-corrosion prevention coating for application to automotive bare or primed metals. Typically applied to door skins, rocker panels, interior quarter panels, frame rails, etc. It is designed to remain soft and pliable it will not crack, chip or peel.

Loctite 8018 Rust Remover & Lubricant

LOCTITE LB 8018 is a transparent, super-penetrating oil in an aerosol can, based on a blend of petroleum oils and additives. The product quickly flows between rusted and corroded parts. Due to its exceptional penetrating properties it is also suitable for loosening tar, grease, dirt and other carbon deposits leaving a thin film that lubricates and prevents rust.

Tectyl Innovative Solutions

The broad range of Tectyl products offer ultimate protection for metal surfaces against the damaging effects of moisture, chloride, salt, gravel and corrosion, which can help extend the service life of trucks, passenger vehicles, trailer bodies, earth moving, mining, industrial or any other equipment manufactured with metal parts.

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