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Technical Sprays

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Technical Sprays

Technical aerosols are an essential part of most repair, refurbishment and maintenance. A technical aerosol is often a problem solver that helps repair damage, protect, lubricate or assemble vehicle parts. Within our extensive range you have a wide choice of different technical spray cans.

Rust-Oleum X1 Technical Sprays

Rust-Oleum X1 eXcellent is a comprehensive range of technical sprays for all your industrial lubrication and cleaning needs. The technical spray assortiment include:

  • X1 Multi-purpose Spray
    • General purpose lubrication fluid that protects and cleans metal and plastic parts.
  • X1 Cutting and Tapping Oil Spray
    • Specially formulated cutting fluid which lubricates and cools the cutting tools and work piece for every form of metalworking such as cutting, drilling, sawing and tapping.
  • X1 Chain and Drive Spray
    • High quality spray with effective anti-fling properties for lubricating gears and chains. reinforced with BoroTecX.
  • X1 Anti-spatter Weld Spray
    • High quality technical spray that effectively prevents the adhesion of weld spatter to metal surfaces. It protects welded materials from corrosion.
  • X1 Freeze and Release Spray (Shock Spray)
    • High quality rust releaser to loosen rusted parts by shocking, with a rapid temperature decrease and then using an advanced chemical action to penetrate, lubricate and release the components.
  • X1 Silicon Spray
    • High quality odourless and colourless superfine dry lubricant which possesses excellent thermal stability, for all types of general purpose lubrication applications.
  • X1 Ceramic Anti-seize Spray
    • Ceramic base grease, capable of withstanding extreme pressures and temperatures.
  • X1 White Grease Spray
    • Multi purpose, high quality white grease giving excellent lubrication, water and heat resistance.
  • X1 PTFE Spray
    • High purity, light lubricant containing PTFE.
  • X1 Universal Foam Cleaner
    • High quality foam cleaner/degreaser which dries leaving no visible residue and is safe to use on most hard surfaces and fabrics.
  • X1 Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser
    • Heavy duty solvent based, water washable cleaner / degreaser which will remove oil, grease, tar etc from most durable hard surfaces.
  • X1 Electrical Cleaner
    • Fast evaporating solvent cleaner suitable for cleaning electronics, electrical and other precision equipment.
  • X1 Stainless Steel Cleaner
    • Foaming action, non-abrasive cleaner, degreaser and polish which will leave surfaces looking like new and protected with a dry to touch microscopic antistatic film.

Lubrication and Cleaning

Technical sprays can be used for various applications, some of them are

  • Cables, switches, contacts and locks
  • Extending the lifespan of machinery
  • Protecting and cleaning metal and plastic parts
  • Reinforce surfaces and materials
  • Heavy duty chains, hinges, gears and slides
  • Maintaining existing machines
  • Improve surface lubrication and reducing friction
  • Surface rejuvenation
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