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MoTip RAL colors

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RAL Colors

RAL is an European color macthing system which defines colors for car spray paint, coatings and plastics. 

RAL colors in high gloss, satin gloss and matte finishes

Our RAL color aerosols are available in 3 gloss levels. When buying a RAL aerosol you can choose from high gloss, satin gloss and matt. High gloss has a deep, highly reflective gloss, satin gloss creates a middle way between high gloss and matt, whereas mat provides a dull look. When buying a RAL spray can, choose your own gloss level!

  • High gloss
  • Satin gloss
  • Matte

Rust-Oleum Hard Hat Topcoat RAL Colours

Rust-Oleum Hard Hat Topcoat is the number 1 industrial paint aerosol, a top quality high performance topcoat for use on bare metal, wood and concrete that is ready to handle after just 30 minutes (at 20°C). Rust-Oleum RAL colours are heat resistant up to 100°C and these RAL sprays are available in 45 colours.

  • Top quality
  • For use on bare metal, wood and concrete
  • Best coverage
  • Fast drying short oil soya alkyd

DupliColor RAL Acrylic Spray Paint

High-quality acrylic lacquer in standard shades according to the RAL standard. Exact matching paintings and repairs of small damages in RAL colours. Specially for machines, engine parts, tools, all kinds of vehicles, steel furniture and much more. This assortment includes besides many RAL and special shades a glossy and a matt clear coat.

RAL Colour Chart

We can supply any RAL color in aerosol spray can. 

  • Yellow Shades
    • RAL 1000 to RAL 1037
  • Orange Shades
    • RAL 2000 to RAL 2013
  • Red Shades
    • RAL 3000 to RAL 3033
  • Violet Shades
    • RAL 4001 to RAL 4012
  • Blue Shades
    • RAL 5000 to RAL 5026
  • Green Shades
    • RAL 6000 to RAL 6038
  • Gray Shades
    • RAL 7000 to RAL 7048
  • Brown Shades
    • RAL 8000 to RAL 8029
  • White & Black Shades
    • RAL 9001 to RAL 9023
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