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BRUNOX rust converter

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Brunox Rust Stop and Primer

BRUNOX EPOXY is the patented Anticorrosion-system on an epoxy-resin base. The amber-coloured, clear liquid forms a metal-organic iron complex with the neutralized rust. This black, very compact and resistant protective layer, which is formed, guarantees long-term corrosion protection and is at the same time a perfect primer coat because of the epoxy-resin components.

Epoxy advantages

  • Compatible with commercially available top coats
  • No brush traces, if you apply the product by brush
  • Free from heavy metals and mineral acid
  • Can be stored for an unlimited period in well sealed bottles
  • Penetrates approx. 7-10 times deeper into the rustpores than ordinary rust converters
  • Available in spray can
  • Can be applied airless or by high pressure spray gun

Easy to apply

Brunox Epoxy is very easy to apply. It is the most easy and efficient way to stop corrosion on cars, trucks and other vehicles.

  • Take off any loose rust with a wire brush or grinding wheel
  • Apply 2 coats by brush or (3-4 spray) on the rust pores
  • Allow Brunox to completely dry. Drying time depends on humidity and temperature, must be ''nail hard''
  • Apply a top coat

Rust Converters

When it comes to your car or vehicle, corrosion is your worst enemy. Luckily, there are rust converters and rust removers to protect and remove rust from your car's vulnerable pieces. Rust converters contain a built-in primer that double as a metal primer for the metal parts you're restoring. A rust converter works best with iron and steel and are less effective on aluminum.

When Does Rust Converter Work?

As we have explained above, a rust converter is a coating that will convert heavy rusted areas into a protective coating with little prep. A rust converter needs 100% rust present in order for it work correctly and to fully cure. A rust converter works on

  • Medium rust
  • Heavy, flaky rust

A rust converter will not work bare metal, mixed surfaces and painted or coated surfaces.

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