CROP Plastic Primer spray

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CROP Plastic Primer spray
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Product information

CROP Plastic Primer spray

Plastic Primer spray from CROP is a quick-drying primer for plastic, plastics and polyester. This plastic primer adheres to all types of plastic making lacquer or paint adhere well. A big advantage of the plastic primer is that it is flexible. This allows you to spray this primer for plastic on plastic that bends and needs to be flexible. This prevents the lacquer or paint from cracking. After drying, the plastic primer is paintable with 1K and 2K lacquer or a primer filler.

Use primer for plastic?

A primer for plastic is used as a primer when you want the color paint to adhere to the plastic you want to spray. Plastic primer is therefore necessary to use when spraying plastic, polyester or plastic. This primer for plastic is excellent to use when you want to finish with 1K or 2K paint. If you are going to use plastic adhesion primer, we recommend wearing personal protection including a FFP2 or FFP3 mask and nitrile gloves.

Step-by-step plan: spraying plastic primer

You can spray plastic primer yourself in a few simple steps. Because this primer for plastic is fast-drying, you can finish the job quickly. Follow the steps below to use the CROP plastic primer spray can in the just right way.

  1. Degrease the plastic before spraying the primer. Use the CROP Silicone Remover for this purpose.
  2. Lightly sand the plastic with a fine grit.
  3. Clean the plastic again with the degreaser.
  4. Shake the spray can well before use.
  5. Spray 2 to 3 coats of plastic primer with a spraying distance of 20 to 30cm. Between coats, pause for 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. After the last layer, let the plastic primer dry for 10 minutes at 20°C. After this, the primer is repaintable with lacquer.
  7. Using the plastic primer again next time? Turn the spray can over and spray the nozzle empty until only propellant comes out. Now the suction tube and spray cap are clean, ready for the next use!

Features CROP Plastic Primer spray can

  • Excellent adhesion to plastics, plastic and polyester
  • Highly elastic and flexible
  • Fast drying primer for plastic
  • Professional quality
  • Transparent with a slight silver glow
  • Paintable with 1K and 2K lacquer
  • Can be used on a.o
    • BS
    • EP Laminate
    • PA
    • PBTP
    • PC
    • POM
    • PP/EPDM
    • PPO
    • PUR hard
    • PUR soft
    • PVC
  • Drying time
    • Dust-dry after 5 to 10 minutes at 20°C
    • Paintable after 10 minutes at 20°C
Full product information

Pros and cons

  • Fast drying primer
  • Flexible and highly elastic
  • Transparent in color with a silver glow
  • Easy to apply
  • Can only be used on plastic, plastics and polyester


SKU 2767-0004
Paint component 1K (1-component)
Brand CROP
Contents 400ml
Packaging per piece
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Application of plastic primer
From the final result, I saw no difference. But theoretically it will provide better adhesion between the plastic and lacquer. For better coverage on top of the plastic primer, I used black primer before the paint went on (wet or wet).
Julius |
Translated from Dutch
Works perfectly
Ton |
Translated from Dutch
This primer has good adhesion and is easy to apply.
Wouter |
Translated from Dutch
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