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Chameleon Paint

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Chameleon and flip flop car paint

Chameleon car paint, also called flip flop car paint creates an extraordinary and surprising visual paint finish by changing colour. Two main car paint colours will always be visible, while the secondary paint colours will show at the angles. Keep in mind that

  • When moving around, chameleon car paint will change colour
  • The light reflection on chameleon spray paint gives the multi-coloured changing special effect
  • Always apply chameleon paint over black base coat so the chameleon pigments are clearly visible

Flip flop paints are typically applied as a three stage paint job. First is a dark or black primer paint. You don’t want a light car primer since that lets light reflect off the underlying metal. The dark layer maximizes light absorption and helps preserve the color effects of the chameleon paint. The next layer is a semitransparent layer of chameleon paint. That’s the layer that changes color depending on your point of view. The third layer is a protective clear coat. This layer must be maintained if you want to avoid ugly smears in the chameleon paint job.

Belton DreamColors

Belton Dream Flip-Flop effect creates unique colour-changing effects in a multi-layer structure (chameleon effect) depending on the angle at which it is looked at and the way the light hits it. Chameleon paint is iridescent paint. It uses tiny alumina flakes covered magnesium fluoride, embedded in translucent chromium to create a prism which refracts light, so the color isn't created by a pigment, it's created by the size of the particle and the angle you view it at.

Pros Chameleon Car Spray Paint

  • Chameleon paint job is eye-catching and unique
  • You are able to create special effects

Cons Flip Flop Car Paint

  • Not everyone is interested in that style. Moreover, it might be hard to sell your vehicle in the future
  • Chameleon spray paint is expensive
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