2K RAL spray paint SprayMax High Gloss - 400ml

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Product information

2K RAL spray paint SprayMax High Gloss - 400ml

2K RAL spray paint SprayMax - High Solid is a 2-component aerosol that can be ordered in any RAL color. Choose the desired RAL number and we will mix the paint from the paint manufacturer MIPA and fill it into a SprayMax 2K aerosol can. Here you also decide in which gloss level the RAL color should be! Choose from high gloss, silk gloss, egg gloss, matte and ultra matte. The 2K spray paint can be ordered in a 400ml and 250ml aerosol.

SprayMax 2K paint High Gloss by RAL number

At CROP, you have the option of purchasing a SprayMax 2K paint by RAL number. We can make, mix and fill any RAL color in a SprayMax 2K aerosol spray can. The 2K paint from manufacturer MIPA used during the mixing of the RAL color is of professional quality which guarantees perfect coverage, 100% color fastness and years of protection for your car, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, part or other object.

RAL paint in professional 2K aerosol

RAL paint in 2K aerosol from SprayMax is for sale in 250ml and 400ml. The SprayMax 2K spray can is the most professional spray on the market and has a special spray cap to spray tightly and evenly. The paint atomization of the SprayMax spray can equals that of a professional paint spray gun. With this professional 2K spray can you are able to spray the RAL paint tightly and evenly with a professional end result.

In what gloss levels is the 2K spray can RAL color available?

You determine the gloss level of the 2-component spray can. Depending on your spray job, you decide which gloss level you want. We offer a choice of five different gloss levels. From the ultimate 100% high gloss to an ultra matte tough look.

  • High gloss (100% gloss)
  • Side gloss (50% gloss)
  • Egg gloss (30% gloss)
  • Matt (10% gloss)
  • Ultra Matt (0.5% gloss) for army and industrial colors

Features of the 2K spray can High Gloss on RAL number

  • Provided with MIPA professional lacquer
  • High covering power
  • Fast drying
  • Filled with professional (acrylic) automotive paint
  • Scratch resistant
  • Solvent resistant
  • Petrol resistant
  • No clear coat required
  • Custom mixed color

Technical data of the 2K RAL aerosol can

  • The hardener in the spray can is only activated by pressing the red button at the bottom. Only at this moment does the chemical reaction of the two components (lacquer and hardener) begin.
  • After this, shake well for 3 minutes and spray a test piece.
  • apply 2 to 3 coats with a drying time of 5 minutes between coats.
  • Spraying distance: 15 - 20 cm.
  • Processing must take place within 24 hours at a room temperature of 20-25°C.

Drying time of the 2K spray can

A 2K spray can dries less quickly than a traditional 1K spray can. Due to the second component, the layer thickness is thicker and will therefore dry slightly slower. The speed of drying depends on the following factors: ambient temperature, temperature of the surface to be sprayed, layer thickness and humidity. Below is an overview of guidelines for the drying times of the 2K spray can.

  • Dust-dry: approx. 40 minutes
  • Can be handled: 12 hours
  • Polishable: 24 hours

Is the 2K RAL color in aerosol spray can petrol-resistant?

Because your acrylic paint is solvent-based, also called solvents, and is a 2-component paint, it is resistant to gasoline. As a result, you can spill gasoline, chemicals or other solvents with confidence.

Scratch-resistant RAL lacquer

Because the spray can is 2-component based, this lacquer is scratch and impact resistant. As a result, it does not matter if you bump into the lacquer or run your nail along it. Scratches are therefore reduced to a minimum.

Unfortunately, the following RAL numbers are not available in a 2K spray can because these are metallic and pearlescent colors. These are available in a 1K spray can: RAL1035, RAL1036, RAL2013, RAL3024, RAL3032, RAL3033, RAL4011, RAL4012, RAL5025, RAL5026, RAL6035, RAL6036, RAL7048, RAL8029, RAL9022, RAL9023

Tip: For optimal adhesion, we recommend using SprayMax Silicone Remover in Spray can before applying the color paint. We also recommend using this 2K paint only in a well-ventilated area and in combination with a 2K spray mask.

Full product information


Brand SprayMax
Gloss level High Gloss
Paint component 2K (2-component)
Contents 400ml
All specifications

Product reviews


Based on 46 reviews

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Super fast delivery
ordered in the evening around 9 p.m. , received the next morning, packing slip included. Same day also an e mail with another digital note . For use of your own administration , Chapeau .
Ton |
Translated from Dutch
High quality 2K lacquer
Nice system with the push button at the bottom. The lacquer is high quality and the high gloss gives a good shine. The lacquer hardens really well like a professional lacquer. This cannot be compared with ordinary marble cans. I did expect more from the special nozzle. Case to shake the can well and have at temperature because of sputters. In my opinion spraying with spray cans remains a challenge, especially compared to spraying with a compressor and with perfect conditions.
Sander |
Translated from Dutch
Top product!
Today painted plastic hoods of a car. First with several layers of spray putty of the same brand the texture (grain) sprayed out and tightened, then this paint. This quality really matches what you use in the spray cup only the conditions are of course not as good as in a booth but still a very good quality achievable.
Albert |
Translated from Dutch
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