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Metal putty

Metal putty is a 2K polyester putty for steel to fill holes, dents, cracks and scratches. For this reason, a metal putty is also called a steel putty. A metal putty is based on 2 components that you mix hardener through. This makes a 2K steel putty resistant to rust, oxidation, corrosion, chemicals, water, salt and other weather conditions. After the metal putty is dry, you can sand the 2K putty making steel smooth and sleek.

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Metal puttying?

Do you want to putty metal? Then we recommend using a 2K steel putty for this purpose. This high-filling putty levels out unevenness in steel and metal. Think of filling cracks, scratches, holes and dents. A steel putty is easy to apply and dries quickly so you can sand it. When puttying metal, make sure you keep the mixing ratio with hardener right, sand the steel beforehand and degrease for better adhesion. You can use a 2-component polyester putty for steel to putty both large and small areas of metal.

Steel putty

Steel putty is the same as a 2K metal putty. A polyester-based steel putty is specifically designed to putty metal, iron and galvanized steel. Because you add hardener to the 2 component putty, it cures and is water, corrosion and rust resistant. A 2K steel putty contains aluminum pigments that allow you to easily apply and sand the putty. In addition, the steel putty is elastic so it will not crack.

How to apply metal putty

You can easily apply metal putty to steel. In a few simple steps, you can apply steel putty yourself, filling in any unevennesses.

  1. Always make sure you work in a room with an ambient temperature between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  2. Remove any loose rust, paint and/or varnish.
  3. Make the substrate clean, dry and grease-free with a degreaser!
  4. Mix the hardener through the steel putty on a mixing board with a putty spatula.
  5. Apply the desired amount of metal putty. This can be done in several coats.
  6. Allow the putty to cure. Drying time of putty depends on temperature, humidity and layer thickness.
  7. After curing, you can sand the putty.

What is iron putty

Iron putty is the same as a metal and steel putty. However, iron putty can be applied in multiple layers thickly, allowing you to fill large holes, deep dents and scratches in steel. The iron putty can be easily applied to all types of metal and can be sanded smooth after drying. An iron putty is heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius making it widely used to putty an engine block.

Debrasel Alsi 12

Debrasel Alsi 12 is a professional metal putty that hardens incredibly. Debrasel putty is used as an alternative to liquid tin. When Debrasel Alsi 12 is dry, the 2K putty is gasoline resistant, chemical resistant and acid resistant. Debrasel Alsi is ideally suited to putty a vintage or classic car!