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Primer Paint

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Car primer is the base for your car spray paint

Car paint primer plays a vital role, it ensures the adhesion of car paint to the surface. Auto primer makes sure car spray paint does not chip off. A car primer can be applied to a bare surface as well as to already painted surfaces. Every car primer has different characteristics and can be used on various surfaces.

Nonpaints.com sells a wide range of auto primers.

1K auto primer

1 component auto primer is a fast-drying car primer that can be used on:

  • Metal
  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Stone

It can be sanded very easily (grit 400) before spraying base coat paint.

2K car paint primer

2 component car primer is an auto primer with a catalyst, also called activator or paint hardener. A 2K vehicle primer can be used when spraying a car, truck, motorcycle and caravan. Therefore, 2K car primer is a powerful primer suitable for any job. We sell car primers in different colours and sizes.

Epoxy primer

Epoxy primer is an anti-corrosive primer. This car primer can be used on bare metal and prevents rust.

  • It has an etching effect.
  • It also has a good filling power, unevenness in the surface can be easily filled for a smooth result.

Plastic primer

Plastic paint primer has been specially developed for the adhesion of automotive paint to plastic parts. Plastic is the only surface that requires a special primer. Once the plastic primer is used, no other car primer is necessary. A plastic primer is transparent.

Car primer in paint can and aerosol

CROP offers a complete range of auto primers in paint can and aerosol, both 1K and 2K quality. The car primers are available in different colours so you can choose whether you would like a light or dark automotive primer.

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