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Masking Film

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Paint adherent masking film

Masking has as main objective protecting cars and vehicles that we do not want to paint. Paint adherent masking film is ideal for protecting surfaces, furniture and vehicles from car paint, dirt, dust and chemicals. Produced from high quality car paint and particle adherent plastic, to collect paint and dust rather than allowing it to spread.

  • The covering foil is slightly transparent to facilitate cutting away the surface to be painted
  • High static power
  • Corona treatment for optimum paint absorption
  • High tensile strength
  • Folded in such a way that the film can be unrolled, unfolded and cut by only one person
  • Protects cars and vehicles from overspray

Masking film in different sizes

Masking plastic is available in different sizes, all with a long roll to cover the entire surface. You can choose of different widths and lengths. Ideal for small and large surfaces. The most commonly used masking foil has a roll width of 4 meters and is 300 meters long. Perfect for masking passenger cars, sports cars, MPVs and SUVs. Other extra wider rolls of masking films can be used for masking vans and trucks.

Masking film dispenser

Car masking film dispensers are ideal for covering cars and vehicles with plastic foil. So easy to use that one man can do the job. For an improved masking process and cleaner paint jobs! Simply take the dispenser to the car, stretch the foil over the vehicle and cut along with a foil cutter. Depening on the size you choose, rolls can be mounted in the dispenser saving space in the workshop and garage. Furthermore, your body shop remains clean with less chance of dust contamination and working processes are improved.

  • Easily to move around
  • Can be stored vertical to save space
  • Limits dust contamination on paint objects
  • For a smart work process
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