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Parts Carts

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Parts Carts

Auto body parts carts are special trolleys that are used in the bodyshop for storing car parts, tools, machines, nuts, screws, bolts and other loose parts or objects. Parts trolleys are made of high-quality materials, making the trolleys strong enough for intensive use in the workshop and garage. Futhermore, workshop trolleys are equipped with strong and large wheels, body shop parts cart can easily be moved around the workplace.

Workshop Trolley

Our workshop trolleys are made with a sturdy powder-coated frame and MDF countertop which makes it strong enough to withstand heavy wear and tear. Shelf trolleys are available with different options on the number of shelves, number of drawers, load capacity, etc. If you’ve got more tools than a box can handle then a tool chest is what you need. Keep your treasures stored away in a robust tool chest, you can organise your different tools in the handy drawers.

Parts Storage Trolley

Our car parts trolleys are ideally suited for storing individual car parts and body parts. Moreover, these parts storage trolleys are frequently used during the repair of a car. Loose doors, hoods, spoilers, sills and other parts of a car can be securely stored in the workshop trolley. Our high-quality parts carts are popular in professional car repair shops, warehouses and other workshops. You can arrange the body shop parts cart according to your own wishes. The shelves can be placed in the parts cart as you wish. Whether you want to place large parts in the cart or several small car parts; with every cart there is a perfect solution for the best storage space. In addition, you can choose from different sizes of wheels that are located under the parts trolleys. From standard 100mm wheels to large pneumatic tires.

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