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Cardboard Balers

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Cardboard Balers

One of the most useful recycling equipment designed are cardboard balers. Cardboard is extensively used for packaging and a large amount comes as waste in landfills. A paper press crushes cardboard and compacts large amounts into a single. A cardboard baling press helps to conserve the environment and helps companies to save a huge amount of money. A paper baler is commonly used in the following industries

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Pharmacies
  • Garages

Bale Press

A pneumatic paper and plastic press reduces waste volume substantially. Provided with a water separator and safety system that prevents you from opening the pressing room while operating.

Paper Press

CROP stocks an extensive range of equipment for crushing paper and foil. From automatic press machines to manual cardboard balers. A foil press has many advantages

  1. Cardboards, papers and foils are compacted through the use of balers. Therefore, they occupy less space.
  2. A paper baler helps companies abide by the rules and avoid fines.
  3. Helps the environment by making use of recycling equipment.
  4. Saves on the cost of hauling the recyclables.
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