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Paint Shakers

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Paint Shakers

Paint can shakers are electric- or pneumatic powered machines designed to automatically and thoroughly mix car spray paint. Paint shaking machines aggressively shake car paint in cans or buckets for a set amount of time. CROP stocks an extensive range of electric & pneumatic paint shakers to meet your demands.

Automotive Paint Shakers

If you do not thoroughly shake a can or aerosol before use, the heavier pigments on the bottom will not mix with the liquids at the top. This can cause a color difference. You must ensure that the paint is well shaken and stirred so that all pigments are evenly distributed. This results in a 100% color match.

Paint Shaker Machines

Paint shakers are easy to use and suitable for shaking all types of paint and varnish. A paint shaker is suitable for shaking paint cans from 500ml to 5 liters. Paint can shakers are available with compressed air or electric and can be placed anywhere. A compressed air paint shaker is the most commonly used type. It can be connected to any compressor with 5 to 8 bar with a minimum air output of 125 liters per minute. Thanks to the oscillating movement, most paint cans are perfectly mixed in less than 2 minutes. These shakers are equipped with external lubrication of the bearings and automatic compressed air lubrication. This is efficient, resistant and maintenance-free.

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