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Car Lifts & Car Ramps

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  1. RODAC TL80050N Mini Bruggen set per 2 stuks
    RODAC TL80050N Mini Bridges Set - 2 pieces
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    €84.40 €69.75 Retail price €143.99
  2. RODAC RQML6 Heflift met voetpedaal 2500kg Hydraulisch
    RODAC RQML6 Hydraulic Lift Elevator with Foot Pedal - 2500kg
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    €3,352.26 €2,770.46 Retail price €4,353.58
  3. RODAC RQLT650 Hydraulic Lift Table - 650kg
    RODAC RQLT650 Hydraulic Lift Table - 650kg
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    €1,882.97 €1,556.17 Retail price €2,445.41
  4. RODAC RQLT1500
    RODAC RQLT1500 Hydraulic Lifting Table - 1500kg
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    €3,467.79 €2,865.94 Retail price €4,503.62
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Car Lifts & Ramps

Car lifts & ramps are indispensable in any garage or workshop when you would like to carry out more work on your car. These tools allow you to easily carry out repairs under the car or vehicle. CROP stocks an extensive range of vehicle lifts, including motorcycle lifts. When you own a set of car ramps, changing the oil or draining your car radiator can be a lot easier than without. When purchasing a car ramp, consider the maximum weight you need. You need to know your vehicle's curb weight. Pick a car ramp that is not only compatible with that particular weight, but one that handles higher than your vehicle's curb weight.

Car Ramps

Vehicle ramps are the safest and cheapest way of lifting a car for repairs and maintenance. Car ramps are suitable for most standard cars. Metal car ramps are special blocks that can be placed in front of the tires. By driving slowly on the vehicle ramps, the vehicle is partly being lifted so you can easily get under the car. This means you do not have to lift the car entirely with a transmission jack. Our plastic car ramps are suitable for any car tyre. Thanks to its robust and wide shape, it is also suitable for wide car tires. Car ramps takes a little practice to drive up onto them.

  1. Park your car on a smooth and non-slip surface
  2. Position ramps
  3. Carefully drive up on the ramp's center
  4. Use the parking brake
  5. Place two wheel chocks

Motorcycle Lifts

Motorcycle scissor stands allow users to access, service and repair motorcycles and quad bikes more easily, safely and comfortably. A bike lift raises your vehicle to a more suitable working height, taking away the strain and potential dangers of having to bend or kneel down to access vital engine components.