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Air Hose Reels

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Air Hose Reels

Retractable air hose reels are usually installed in petrol stations, garages and service centres. Air compressor hose reels are used with compressed air and are available in different types and are normally self-retracting. They come with a quick connect system for use with power tools. CROP stocks an extensive range of compressed air reels, from home use light ones to more heavy duty air pressure hoses for industrial applications. Air hose reels are ideal for use with a multitude of applications where a wall or ceiling mounted reel is needed.

Air Reels

When buying a hose reel, there are some factors to consider. Size, capacity, length, material, water pressure, manual or automatic. We will explain the differences below. The perfect air hose reel will keep your hoses organized and safe. There are some basic factors you should know before getting your new hose reel.

Consider the Base

Often, this important factor is ignored. For mounting reel to a vehicle you can use a dual pedestal base. In contrast, for wall mounted reel on a hard moving surface you can use a single pedestal base.

Consider Material

Plastic construction is for light-duty works and are more economical. Metal air hose reels are stronger and durable. For heavy duty use, we recommend purchasing a metal air hose reel. There are more expensive in comparison to plastic, but they provide the power you need.

Consider Working Pressure

For better working pressure, you have to spend some more money. For home works a light air hose reel will be sufficient. However, for industrial use more working pressure is mandatory.

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