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Painting Stands

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  1. Rotating Mobile Panel Stand
    Rotating Mobile Panel Repair Paint Stand
    €102.85 €85.00 Retail price €145.20
  2. HAMACH HLS93 Schuurstandaard & Spuitstandaard Draaibaar & Verrijdbaar
    HAMACH HLS93 Sanding- and Spray Standard - Reversible and Movable
    €137.94 €114.00 Retail price €240.79
  3. Velgenspuitstandaard & Motorkapspuitstandaard
    Wheel and Panel Stand Galvanized
    €242.48 €200.40 Retail price €323.31
  4. CAP Flexible Magnet Clip / Magnetic Spray Stand per 2 pieces
    Flexible Magnet Clip / Magnetic Spray Stand
    €27.77 €22.95 Retail price €59.29
  5. Spuitstandaard Mobile Power-Stand verrijdbaar
    Mobile X-Power Stand
    €107.69 €89.00 Retail price €199.65
  6. Velgenspuitstandaard & Motorkapspuitstandaard
    Mobile and 360° Rotating wheel stand
    €210.54 €174.00 Retail price €361.79
  7. WheelMaster Mobile Wheel and Panel Stand
    WheelMaster Mobile Wheel and Panel Stand
    €204.49 €169.00 Retail price €323.31
  8. PAINT HANGER Portable & Adjustable Painting Rack Stand
    PAINT HANGER Portable & Adjustable Painting Rack Stand
    €150.04 €124.00 Retail price €228.69
  9. CARSYSTEM Spuitstandaard voor motorkappen CMS
    CARSYSTEM Spray Standard for Hoods CMS
    €591.69 €489.00 Retail price €1,028.50
  10. Spuitstandaard voor bumpers en deuren CBS
    CARSYSTEM Spray Standard for Bumpers and Doors CBS
    €421.08 €348.00 Retail price €756.25
  11. CARSYSTEM Spuitstandaard voor spatborden en kleinde delen CVS
    CARSYSTEM Spray Standard for Fenders and Small Parts CVS
    €310.97 €257.00 Retail price €490.05
  12. HAMACH HLS88 Spuitstandaard & Schuurstandaard
    CAP Universal Spray Standard for Hoods and/or Front Screens
    €406.98 €336.35 Retail price €482.79
  13. Spuitstandaard voor kleine onderdelen
    Spray Standard for Small Parts
    €70.18 €58.00 Retail price €88.33
  14. Pinch Pliers for Spray Standard
    Pinch Pliers for Spray Standard
    €19.30 €15.95 Retail price €24.20
  15. Spiegelhouder voor spuitstandaard
    Mirror Holder for Spray Standard
    €43.49 €35.94 Retail price €55.66
  16. Opzetstuk voor draaibare deurenstandaard en onderdelenstandaard
    Attachment for Revolving Doors- and Parts Standard
    €51.43 €42.50 Retail price €70.18
  17. Deurenstandaard & Motorkapstandaard Compact draaibaar & verrijdbaar
    UltraRack Multifunctional Paintstand - Rotatable & Mobile
    €216.59 €179.00 Retail price €332.75
  18. Deurenstandaard & Onderdelenstandaard Premium draaibaar & verrijdbaar
    Door- and Parts Standard - Premium, Swivel, Mobil
    €193.84 €160.20 Retail price €258.46
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Painting Stands

Paint stands are suitable for every spray job! Spray stands are used as a holder for spraying various parts or objects. This includes spraying rims, doors, wheels, hoods, side mirrors, bumpers and other body parts. CROP stocks an extensive range of different panel stands. In addition to our mobile and standing stands, we also have wall stands.

Wheel and Panel Stands

Mobile panel stand with two horizontal supports with two wheel supports on each side. The wheel supports can be taken off so the stand can be used for larger panels such as hood or bonnet - horizontal supports are foam-cushioned for safety.

Wheel Stands

Wheel holders can hold 4 wheels with tyres. Wheel stands are mounted on wheels for easy relocation and extra large wheels won't get stuck in booth or prep bay flooring. Wheel painting trolleys are strong and robust alloy wheel painting stands. Rotate the wheels on the cones so the wheels can be painted completely without the need to lift and reposition.

Panel Stands

A panel stand features adjustable arms to fit many styles of bonnets, wings, doors and bumpers. When spraying panels, you will require a special panel stand. These spray stands offer space for any kind of car door, wing, bonnet or bumper. Thanks to the fixed and braked castors, the panel stand can be easily moved.

Rotating Panel Stands

Rotating panel stands are the ideal addition to any bodyshop thanks to the all round design allowing it to hold doors, grills, mirrors and bonnets. A rotating spray stand rotates 360 degrees for the repair and refinish on both sides. It suspends all spoilers and mirrors. 

Paint Clamps

Spray clamps are ideal for holding mirrors, mouldings etc. Ideal for use on metal paint booth walls.

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