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GoJak car dollies

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GoJak car dollies

GoJak car dollies are professionally used as shunting aids to move cars in the workshop, garage or other area. Each GoJak car dollie is made of American quality making it very sturdy and durable. Worldwide, the purple GoJak car shunting aid is used in the workshop or as a mobile service during breakdowns on the road or emergency repairs. At CROP you can order GoJak brand shunting aid online with original manufacturer's warranty.

How does a GoJak car dollie work?

A GoJak car dollie works easily and quickly through the foot pedal. Place the GoJak around the wheel of the car and use the foot pedal to jack the GoJak around the tire, lifting the wheel up and off the ground. Make sure while using a GoJak that the car mover is on a surface that is level. Are you ready? Then with just one action, you lower the GoJak which brings the car's wheel back to the ground and allows you to remove the mover from under the car.

Which kind of GoJak car dollie to buy?

Would you like to buy a GoJak car dollie? Then you have a choice of different types. Each shunter has its own load capacity; from 2000kg to 2900kg. It depends on the weight of the car, or other vehicle, which GoJak shunter you need! Besides mobile movers for cars, GoJak also has a special aircraft mover. At, you can choose from the different GoJak car movers listed below:

  • GoJak 4107
  • GoJak 5211
  • GoJak 6313
  • GoJak 4520
  • GoJak 5211

GoJak aircraft shunter

In addition to car shunting aids, GoJak also has an aircraft shifter. This aircraft mover has a load capacity of 465kg each. Small aircraft with 3 wheels can be moved easily and quickly with this in a hangar or on a site. Big advantage of working with an aircraft mover is that you do not have to start the engine to move the aircraft quickly!

GoJak wheels loose

Already have a GoJak vehicle mover and want to order a loose wheel because yours is worn out or broken? At CROP you can also order loose GoJak wheels. For every shunter there is a GoJak wheel to easily replace yourself. After renewing the wheels, the GoJak shifter runs smoothly again.

Protective cover for GoJak

The GoJak cover protects against dirt, rain and dust. The special protective cover keeps your GoJak scratch-free and clean. The cover is large enough to fit all four car movers. In practice, the GoJak protective cover is used in the garage, workshop and service car.

GoJak holder

Do you want to hang up the car movers after use? Then you need a special holder. You mount the GoJak holder on the wall or on a service car, after which you can easily store and carry the shunting aids.