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GoJak car dollies

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GoJak air consists of a solid steel construction combined with double-bearing castors, ensuring smooth manoeuvrability of cars. GoJak car dollies are the ultimate system for moving vehicles in confined areas without hassle or keys. Move vehicles quickly, easily and safely without entry. GoJak wheel dolly rolls easily in any direction. These wheel dollies are manufacturered in the USA and move vehicles in seconds. The frame is made of steel and equipped with either PVC or steel rollers. This depends on the required load capacity. GoJak has axle shafts fitted with tempered precision screws, precision ratchet and a solid steel pedal. Two GoJaks allow you to pivot any car on either axle. Four GoJaks give you full dolly-style manourverability, allowing you to move even disabled vehicles.

GoJak 4520

This model was developed for the race car industry, and is therefore perfect for vehicles with low clearance and wheels up to 510 mm wide.

  • Max Tire Tread Width - 20": Rated to handle tire tread widths up to 20" (i.e Racing Slick or Performance Tire)
  • Max Vehicle Load - 4,500lbs: Rated to handle up to 4,500 lbs or 1,125lbs per wheel

GoJak 5211

This model is perfect for storing parked vehicles on company premises in a space-saving manner.

  • Max Tire Tread Width - 11": Rated to handle tire tread widths up to 11"
  • Max Vehicle Load - 5,200lbs: Rated to handle up to 5,200 lbs or 1,300lbs per wheel

GoJak 6200/6313

This model is able to jack vehicle weights up to 705kg/1,550 lbs. This is the most versatile and strongest Gojak in the range. It has steel rollers, wider axles and two 5 inch diameter, and two 4 inch diameter, heavy duty, double ball raceway casters.

  • Max Tire Tread Width - 13": Rated to handle tire tread widths up to 13" (Will accept dual truck tires)
  • Max Vehicle Load - 6,300lbs: Rated to handle up to 6,300 lbs or 1,575lbs per wheel

GoJak 7016

This model has been developed for SUV's and pick-up trucks. Suitable for wheels up to 500mm wide.

  • Max Vehicle Load - 7,000lbs: Rated to handle up to 7,000 lbs or 1,575lbs per wheel
  • Max Tire Tread Width - 16": Rated to handle tire tread widths up to 16" (Will accept dual truck tires)

We also stock a complete range of Gojak spares.

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