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A fan can be used to create a cool breeze or to amplify the reach of your airconditioner. When it comes to the diameter of the fan, a larger fan will create a stronger wind. Fans have always been an essential part of every household.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan easily cools off the entire room. Ceiling fans are considered the most effective of these types of fans, because they effectively circulate the air in a room to create a draft throughout the room. With ceiling fans, bigger is better. Fans with the longest blades have the highest efficacies and those with the shortest blades have the lowest.

Table Fans

Table top fans are compact fans suitable for home or at the office, and can easily be brought anywhere. Table fans prove to be the most favourable option based on one’s economic needs, durability and flexibility in terms of usage. Small table fans have many advantages

  • Wider reach
    • Mini table fans are portable and can reach far off lengths when plugged into an extension board.
  • Easy to place
    • Table fans are not affixed to any surface, you can easily place it anywhere.
  • Equal distribution
    • Horizontal air ventilation provides a large reach.
  • Economical
    • Air conditioners are impractical during winter season. 
  • Less energy
    • A table fan consumes less energy than an air conditioner.

Pedestal Fans

Standing fan is a fan mounted on a pedestal. Standing fans are usually adjustable, lightweight and can be easily carried from one room to another. In comparison to tower fans, pedestal fans are typically more powerful as they are able to move a larger volume of air when compared to tower fans. However, a standing fan is not as compact in design as a tower fan. The most important parameters of a pedestal fan are power, fan speed, oscillating function, adjustable height and design.

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