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Garden Hose Reels

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Garden Hose Reels

Water hose reels are ideal for keeping the lawn and plants hydrated. We stock a wide range of hose pipes, hose connectors and hose reels to easily maintain your garden.


Hozelock is a leading UK watering brand with rapid growth in Europe. Hozelock has a comprehensive range of hose reels and helps gardens to flourish.

Different Types of Water Hose Reels

When buying a water reel, there are some factors to consider. Winding mechanism, housing, length, quality, connectors and hose stoppers. We will explain the differences below.

Winding Mechanism

Find a winding mechanism that matches your preferences. Find a winding mechanism that does what it's intended to do and not snag or get tangled.


The housing of your hose reel is quite important. It's wise to purchase a water reel that is weather resistant and particularly UV since it can damage your hose. Polyethylene or similar strong plastic are the most durable.


Garden hose reels come in different sizes, be sure to get one with a bit extra just in case you need it.


Opting for a cheaper model might end up being more of a pain in the backside than it's worth. It's better paying a bit extra for something that's going to last.


You might want to consider replacing any plastic connections with better quality brass ones.

Hose Stoppers

A hose stopper can make your garden hose reel function better. It prevents the hose from being pulled all the way into the casing.

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