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Garage & Workshop Tools

CROP stocks a comprehensive range of garage equipment.

Car Dollies

Vehicle dollies are a reliable option for a car that needs to be moved around your garage. They allow you to move a vehicle freely and smoothly wherever you want. The main reason for car skates is the freedom to move cars, the best car dollies are tough enough to stand up to the weight of a normal car for years. There are two types of car moving equipment

  • Hydraulic car dollies have a pedal that pumps the car into the air for you.
  • Standard car dollies are the more basic option.

Hose Reels

Garden hose reels are essential in any workshop, bodyshop or garage. Mobile hose reel carts can be moved freely around your outdoor space. We also stock wall mounted hose reels if you prefer neat and organised storage. Our automatic reeling hose avoids dirty hands for maximum comfort.

Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands

CROP offers a complete range of tire repair products. A floor jack is used to lift a vehicle off the ground. Service jacks can be used as a temporary support while vehicle maintenance is being carried out. Trolley jacks are usually fitted with casters or wheels that swivel. They are versatile and suitable for use with different vehicles. It’s worth mentioning that a trolley jack is designed to lift the vehicle only – not hold it for any significant amount of time. There are two types of trolley jacks

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic

Mechanical jacks rely upon the physical strength of the user to help lift the vehicle. Most trolley jacks are hydraulic, these allow you to lift more weight with a smaller device. Which trolley jack you choose depends on the weight that you want to lift. A trolley jack enables you to lift your vehicle to carry out work under the vehicle, to change tyres, or work on brake assemblies.