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Paint Booth

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Paint Booth

A simple way to expand your bodyshop is to provide a spray booth. CROP stocks an extensive range of spray paint booth equipment such as mixing tables, extraction walls, spray walls, paint shakers, waste collectors and plunger cans. 

Spray Booth Extraction Wall

Spray booth extraction chambers are ideally suited for paint and general extraction. Extraction walls aim to capture paint and dust via the filter wall and can be used to support large spray painting applications in a open or enclosed arrangement.

Spray Booth Extract Filters

Spray booth filters are an essential part of any paint booth and will help prevent fumes and overspray. The type of paint booth filter you need depends on the regulations in your area and the spray paint you are using. Filters are placed in an extraction wall. These filters attract dust, dirt, overspray and other vapors. We stock a wide range of filters with a fixed width and length, but can also be easily cut to size to meet the needs of all paint booths. Using high quality filters drastically reduces the risk of equipment breakdown and improves the quality of finish. Regular replacement of your spray booth's filters is as vital as the quality of filters used.

Stainless Steel Tables

High quality mixing tables for paint mixing rooms. Manufactured in polished stainless steel to avoid paint contamination, prevent rust and allow easy cleaning. Vapor extraction over the complete working surface at a height of ± 20 cm. Stainless steel tables are also deliverable without the extraction hood.

Plunger and Dispensing Cans

Justrite plunger dispensing cans moisten cleaning cloths quickly and easily by utilizing a smart-pump to bring more liquid to the top, requiring less time between refills. Safety dispenser cans offer a safe, convenient way to release small amounts of liquid directly onto work surfaces or into lab beakers.

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