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Spray Booths

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Spray Booths

A simple way to expand your bodyshop is to provide a spray booth. CROP stocks an extensive range of spray paint booths. Paint booths are an enclosed or semienclosed area used for spray painting. These booths are usually equipped with a source of filtered air, extraction walls and paint shakers. The most important function of a paint booth is to contain paint overspray. Spray booths are available in various sizes and models. They lower the risk of fire and explosion, as the fumes from the substances used are highly flammable.

Paint Spray Booth

A paint booth is a controlled environment for spray paint application. The most common products painted in a paint spray booth are

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Trucks
  • Planes
  • Parts
  • Furniture

Spray booths are either fully enclosed with walls and doors or feature an open front. Using a paint booth ensures that paint jobs are done cleaner, faster and safer. Moreover, most paint booths also have a cure mode, which helps the paint adhere and dry faster. A spray booth has two primary functions:

  1. Provide a contained environment that prevents any dirt getting into the area that you are working in which will stop your work being ruined.
  2. Designed to prevent the inhalation of fumes that could be potentially harmful and have carcinogenic dangers as well as potential to damage the respiratory system.

Available in Different Sizes

Spray booths come in different sizes and models. There are small booths available for spraying small objects and car parts, to large booths for a complete vehicle. The smaller spray booths are ideally suited for small parts and furniture. These booths have a compact size and are available in 230 and 400 Volt.

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