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Vehicle Stands

Vehicle Stands

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Vehicle Stands

X trestles and bumper stands can be used in the workshop, garage or spray booth. Bumper painting stands are ideal while sanding, spraying or polishing bumpers, spoilers and panels. These stands are essential in any workshop. CROP stocks a wide range of panel, door and bumper stands. In addition to our mobile and standing stands, we also have wall stands. Below you will find an overview of various types of standards within our range.

  • Wheel Painting Stands
  • Bumper Stands
  • Rotating Panel Stands
  • Folding Bumper Stands
  • Spray Booth Stands
  • Wall Mounting Bumper Racks
  • X Trestles
  • Windscreen Stands
  • Panel Stands
  • Concertina Panel Stands
  • Wheel Stands

Bumper Stands

Bumper racks can be used for a safe and tidy workshop storage of most vehicle bumpers. Bumper cargo carriers are made of a heavy-duty construction ideal for use in bodyshops. Mobile stand for storage of bumpers.

X Trestles

Adjustable trestles with locking system on the axis for different positions. X-trestles are often used when spraying and sanding a bumper, spoiler other car parts. These X stands have special feet and can also be used on grid floors.

Wheel and Panel Stands

Mobile panel stand with two horizontal supports with two wheel supports on each side. The wheel supports can be taken off so the stand can be used for larger panels such as hood or bonnet - horizontal supports are foam-cushioned for safety.

Wheel Stands

Wheel holders can hold 4 wheels with tyres. Wheel stands are mounted on wheels for easy relocation and extra large wheels won't get stuck in booth or prep bay flooring.

Concertina Panel Stands

These stands are extendable with height adjustment and are ideal for a variety of applications. Fitted with four castors and two with brake for safe positioning.