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Windscreen Stands

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Windshield Stands

Never run the risk of damaging windscreens ever again! CROP stocks an extensive range of windscreen stands and racks for safe removal and replacement of car glass.

Folding Windscreen Stands

A foldable windscreen stand has a lightweight tubular steel design with large rubber suckers that prevent the screen from moving during preparation. Folding frames are ideal for both workshop and mobile screen preparation. Ready to be used for installations and assembly work, suitable not only as a stand for components but also as a disc stand, in production as well as mobile use.

Windscreen Storage Racks

A windscreen storage rack allows you to store up to 6 screens at once in complete safety and in an organised fashion. Windscreen racks are designed for bodyshops where you have multiple windshields detached from the vehicles. Don't run the risk of damaging windscreens ever again.

Wall Mounted Windshield Stand

Do you prefer to keep the floor clean? Then a windshield stand for wall mounting is the best solution! This wall holder is made of a strong construction so that windshields can be hung firmly and securely on the wall. Our wall stands have been specially developed for mounting to any wall. Wall mounted racks are excellent space saving solutions. The shelves of these wall stands are provided with foam and car glass can be stored damage-free. The racks of the windshield stand can be arranged as desired. This gives you the freedom to arrange the wall stand as you wish, so that windscreens of different sizes can be stored. Always keep your windscreens off the floor to prevent damage.