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Hydraulic Jacks

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Hydraulic Jacks

Most trolley jacks are hydraulic, these allow you to lift more weight with a smaller device. Which trolley jack you choose depends on the weight that you want to lift. A trolley jack enables you to lift your vehicle to carry out work under the vehicle, to change tyres, or work on brake assemblies. Bottle jacks are ideal for lifting cars, caravans or other vehicles. Bottle jacks are built for tough daily use in garages and workshops and tested to conform European (CE) standards for machinery and product safety.

Bottle Jacks

CROP stocks an extensive range of hydraulic jacks for many different purposes. A hydraulic jack creates pressure by moving oil through two cylinders via a pump plunger. The pump plunger is drawn back, which opens the suction valve and draws oil into the pump chamber. Our bottle jacks are used in garages, construction sites, workshops, and countless other environments. Check the maximum weight capacity of your chosen product before completing your purchase.

  • Hydraulic Jack 2 ton (2.000 kg)
  • Hydraulic Jack 4 ton (4.000 kg)
  • Hydraulic Jack 6 ton (6.000 kg)
  • Hydraulic Jack 8 ton (7.000 kg)
  • Hydraulic Jack 12 ton (12.000 kg)
  • Hydraulic Jack 20 ton (20.000 kg)
  • Hydraulic Jack 25 ton (25.000 kg)
  • Hydraulic Jack 30 ton (30.000 kg)

Jack Stands

Are you going to use the hydraulic bottle jack for lifting a car or other vehicle? Then we strongly recommend using car axle stands! Because a jack jack only lifts the car, you should always use axle stands. When the vehicle or car is lifted, place the axle stands under the car. Furthermore, the jack stands takes over the load capacity, and offers sufficient support. Use on a firm level surface, do not work under the vehicle until another means of support, such as axle stands, are used.

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