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Can Crushers

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Can Crusher

Bins can fill up very fast and require frequent collections if your business places waste cans into bins without crushing them first. A tin press machine can not only save your business money by reducing the number of collections, but it can also help the environment. Many paint cans contain hazardous waste such as chemicals and require careful disposal. An aerosol can crusher is perfect for any business that has to dispose of spray cans or small paint cans. Industrial can crushers are primarily used in the following businesses:

  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Garages
  • Builders
  • Bodyshops

Electric Can Crusher

A can press allows you to easily crush empty cans. Our can presses have a disposal tray in which the empty cans can be placed. This disposal tray offers space for cans from 125ml to 10 liters. By closing the door and pulling the lever, the cans are crushed. As soon as the cans are flat, the press goes up again and the crushed can can be thrown away. A can crusher has many advantages:

  1. Keeps the workplace clean and tidy
  2. Reduces the number of waste collections
  3. Reduces impact on the environment
  4. Ensures bin space is fully utilised by removing all air
  5. Recyclable material isn't being sent to landfill

Can Press

If you are working in an industry that frequently uses car paint tins or metal cans, a can crusher is indispensable. Can crushers are available in 3 options:

Manual Can Crusher

These can presses only have the ability to crush one can or drum at a time. They are far more adept in a domestic environment.

Semi-Automatic Can Crusher

A semi-automatic crusher has the ability to place multiple products into a disposal tray at once.

Automatic Can Crusher

Automatic presses are the most frequently used in commercial industries for their ability to crush cans automatically.

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