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Jack Stands

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Jack Stands

Jack stands are indispensable at every workplace. Axle stands take the weight of the vehicle when it's raised off the ground. A jack stand is ideal for the repair or restoration of every vehicle. In addition, a jack stand contributes to the safety during repair. The car can be safely placed in height and is hold with strong axle stands up to 12.000kg per stand! This makes them also suitable for heavier SUV vehicles.

Best Car Axle Stands

Car axle stands are an absolutely essential piece of safety equipment if you intend carrying out any work on a raised vehicle. The load capacity is the key for keeping you safe when you are working under a vehicle. You need to be sure of the weight of your vehicle. Your car jack will need to be capable of lifting your car to at least this height in order to use your axle stands

Safe Jacking Points

The manufacturer's handbook indicates where the safe jacking points are. Usually they are found between the two axles. When jacking your vehicle, place the plate of the trolley jack and push against a sound part of the chassis. When car jacks are misplaced, the car could slip or the jack will punch through the metal and the car will lurch back on the ground.

Different Types of Car Jack Stands

Jack stands are designed to support your vehicles weight allowing you to get down and dirty under the car. When you purchase stands that are capable of holding the weight of your vehicle, you won't have to worry of it falling on top of you.

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