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Key Tags

Plastic key tags can be used to keep track of your customer's car keys. Paper key tags help to reduce the risk for garages of losing your customers car keys. Key labels can be attached to keys and come with a paper writable insert. With our key labels, you will never have to search for the right car key again. Writable key tags are available in different types of labels and colors. From paper key tags to plastic reusable key labels that are resistant to chemicals. CROP stock an extensive range of key tags. Vehicle identification tags play a vital role in the efficient organisation of cars and other vehicles.


The synthetic paper Polyart thanks to its unique manufacturing process: a polyethylene expanded film with a paper coating, combines the advantages of paper and the resistance of plastic. Polyart is ideal for even the most demanding tag and label applications. Polyarts key labels are very strong that do not tear and can be easily written on with any pen or marker. These key labels are resistant to water and oil, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in red, yellow and blue.

Vehicle Identification Key Tags

Disposable key tags are suitable for organisation and identification of property and vehicle keys, which is ideal for car dealerships, mechanics and estate agents. All in one self-tie loop and very easy to use. With a constant turnaround of vehicles, it’s important to be able to identify all of your vehicles, all of the time.

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