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Bumper Stands

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Bumper Stands

Bumper racks can be used for a safe and tidy workshop storage of most vehicle bumpers. Bumper cargo carriers are made of a heavy-duty construction ideal for use in bodyshops. Mobile stand for storage of bumpers. Our heavy-duty bumper stands will hold any plastic bumper cover without touching the painting surface. With unsurpassed durability and versatility, a bumper stand is an excellent addition to any auto body shop. The cost of repairing one damaged bumper could be more than the cost of this rack that will last for years.

Bumper Paint Stands

Bumper repair stand boosts your profits by speeding up repair, prep, and painting times and reducing costly paint mistakes! Bumpers are securely held in place by support arms. Some bumper stands also feature wheel locks that not only keep the wheels from rolling but prevent the stand stem from swiveling. Store with ease your freshly painted bumpers and protect them from any accidental damage whilst at the same time freeing up floor space.

Wall Mounted Bumper Racks

Our wall stands have been specially developed for mounting to any wall. Wall mounted racks are excellent space saving solutions. The shelves of these wall stands are provided with foam and bumpers can be stored damage-free. The racks of the bumper stand can be arranged as desired. This gives you the freedom to arrange the wall stand as you wish, so that any car bumper, spoiler or diffuser can be stored. Always keep your painted bumpers off the floor to prevent damage.

Floor Standing Bumper Rack

Mobile bumper racks will take up to 8 large bumpers easily. Bumper racks are designed for bodyshops where you have multiple bumpers detached from the vehicles. Don't run the risk of damaging newly painted bumpers ever again.