CROP Wheel Spray Stand for 4 rims - Mobile & Extra Heavy Duty

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CROP Wheel Spray Stand for 4 rims - Mobile & Extra Heavy Duty
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Product information

Wheel Spray Stand for 4 rims

Wheel Spray Stand for 4 rims from CROP is Extra Heavy duty and mobile thanks to four large wheels. With this special spray stand for wheels, you can easily work on wheels. Whether you want to spray, sand or coat rims; thanks to this special stand you will work ergonomically and comfortably! The four included holders made of solid steel allow you to place both small and large rims on the spray stand.

Spray wheel stand

Are you looking for a special wheel sprayer stand? This wheel spray stand allows you to work comfortably. Whether you want to repair curb damage to the rim by sanding and filling, or completely repaint rims. With this special spray booth, you can do it all! Besides spray painting rims, this is also the ideal stand for polishing and coating rims!

Wheeled spray stand for rims

CROP wheeled spray stand for rims moves easily through the spray booth, workshop or garage thanks to the handle and strong wheels. The 10cm wheels roll easily over smooth and grid floors. The sturdy construction and handle allow you to move this rim spray stand even with wheels mounted on it.

Wheel spray stand black powder coated

This spray stand from CROP is the most professional wheel spray stand black powder coated that stays beautiful for a long time. Because the spray stand is black powder coated you create a luxurious look that is professional! Thanks to the high-quality finish, the black rim spray stand remains rust-free and maintenance-free. This allows this professional wheel spray stand to fit into any garage, workshop, spray booth or business!

Features CROP Wheel Spray Stand - 4 rims

  • Professional spray stand for wheels and rims
  • Has enough space for 4 wheels of any size
  • Each rim holder has a load capacity of 25kg per wheel
  • Fully adjustable for ergonomic and comfortable repair
  • Extremely sturdy construction with handle
  • 4 large caster wheels, 2 of which have brakes
  • High quality black powder coated for a luxurious appearance
  • Also known as the Wheel Master from CROP
Full product information

Pros and cons

  • Professional spray stand for 4 wheels
  • Rim holders can support all types of wheels, from large to small
  • Black powder coated ensures a luxurious look
  • Wheel spray stand is easy to move thanks to large wheels and handle
  • Available in black color only


SKU 59-990219
Measurement 83 x83 x78 cm
Brand CROP
Packaging per piece
EAN 6095700412424
All specifications

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