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Cranes are ideal for lifting and moving heavy objects and loads around the workplace. Engine cranes and folding cranes are used in the garage for lifting heavy car parts and objects. These cranes are equipped with an extendable arm, locking hook and castor wheels. CROP stocks an extensive range of hydraulic workshop cranes with different load capacities. Depending on what weight the crane has to lift in the workshop, you choose the appropriate model.

Engine Cranes

When placing an engine block in the car, the use of an engine hoist is necessary. Practically any type of engine you will lift out of a car will be heavier than 200 pounds (90 kg) without a transmission, so it needs a decent amount of force to lift an engine out of the engine compartment. A hydraulic engine hoist is an automotive repair equipment that lifts an engine block out of a vehicle, or installs an engine block into a vehicle. This is a common repair tool used in vehicle repair shops to remove or install gasoline or diesel engines in small vehicle engine compartments. When an engine block is located further into the engine compartment, you may need to extend the boom of an engine hoist.

Folding Cranes

A workshop crane is a strong and robust crane that is used in the workshop for lifting and moving heavy car parts or objects. If you would like to purchase a workshop crane, you can choose from industrial cranes with different load capacities. Depending on the weight that the crane has to carry, choose the appropriate workshop crane. All our cranes are equipped with swivel wheels for easy transportation. Thanks to the large wheels, the workshop cranes can even be rolled over slatted floors!

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