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Spray Booth Maintenance & Filters

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Spray Booth Maintenance

Maintaining a clean spray booth is vital to help ensure clean, inclusion free paint jobs. A clean paint booth also reduces time and wasted product on rectifying paintwork. CROP sells spray booth products for maintenance, protection and cleaning. Our paint booth products are water-based and biodegradable.

Finixa Dust Control

Finixa Dust Control can be used for suppressing dust circulation inside a spraybooth, workshop and warehouse. Finixa Dust Control ionizes the dust so it is being drawn together in clusters which makes it to heavy to circulate in the air. 

Finixa Liquid Masking

Finixa Liquid Masking was originally designed to protect vehicles against overspray. Apply with spraygun (2.5) in one thick coat. Remove with water and sponge. This spray booth coating dries completely and does not stay tacky. Biodegradable.

Finixa Spray Booth Protect

Keeping the spray booth clean has always been a challenge with applying adhesive coatings or peeling off a 'peelable' coating in small pieces. Finixa Liquid Masking is different as it is easy to apply with a gravity gun and peels off quickly and easily in large strips. The bright, white sprayable coating protects walls from overspray which helps to ensure clean paint jobs. This peelable spray booth coating dries completely and does not stay tacky. 

Paintstop Filter

Often known as paint arrestor or paintstop, this glass fibre roll is made from continuous and rigid monofilament glass fibre. The glass is manufactured with a progressive increase in density from the dirty air side to the clean air side. This ensures great dust holding capacity at low pressure drops. A paintstop filter is the most common and widely used form of fibreglass filtration. Glassfibre roll is used in many areas both as a primary or secondary filter for spray booth extraction. Paintstop filter is supplied on rolls with different heights.

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