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Grinding & Cutting Discs

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Grinding and Cutting Discs

Grinding and cutting discs are special wheels that can be used for cutting, grinding metals, steel, aluminum, stone or stainless steel materials/surfaces. Grinding wheels are available in different diameters, designs and materials. Selecting the right grinding wheel for your project is important and with an almost incomprehensible array of products to choose from, it can present a challenge.

3M Cubitron II Abrasives

3M Cubitron II abrasives are precision-shaped grain and combine the advanced material properties of 3M Cubitron grain with the precise microreplicated structures pioneered in 3M Trizact abrasives. As the triangular shaped grain wears, it continuously fractures to form sharp points and edges. 3M cubitron cutting discs

  • Increase productivity
  • Stay sharp longer
  • Cut faster
  • Help reduce operator fatigue
  • Require less pressure

Flap Discs

A flapwheel is an abrasive disc used for metal finishing. A flap disc is made of multiple overlapping small pieces or 'flaps', bonded to a central hub. Flap discs are designed for right angle grinder applications ranging from heavy stock removal to surface blending and smooth finishing. There are two flap disc shapes available: conical flap disc and flat flap disc. Flap discs have several advantages

  • Versatile: can grind, blend and finish
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Require less change over time

Clean and Strip Discs

Clean and strip wheels are ideal to clean and strip rust, grime, paint, varnish and other coatings from metal and stainless steel. Clean and strip discs are tough and hard-wearing and last very long. The ceramic grain technology developed by 3M, features individual grains which are sharper, and contains deeper cutting edges that create a more powerful cut providing a swift and strong paint stripping process and rust removal. 

Monti MBX Metal Blaster Belts

Monti MBX metal blaster belts are manufactured with a high performance polyamide fabric and carbon spring steel wires. These carbon steel blaster belts are available in coarse, medium and fine finishes.