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  1. Metal Primed Spray Samples with Hole
    Metal Primed Spray Samples with Hole - 100 pieces
    €26.95 Retail price €35.93 Incl. VAT€32.61
  2. Carshape Spuitstaaltjes 3D
    Car-Shape 3D Spray Samples - 1 piece
    €3.80 Retail price €5.07 Incl. VAT €4.60 As low as €3.46
  3. Enveloppen voor spuitstaaltjes
    Envelopes for Spray Samples - 250 pieces
    €112.31 Retail price €149.75 Incl. VAT €135.90
  4. COLAD Spray Sample Sleeves / 250 pieces
    COLAD Spray Sample Sleeves / 250 pieces
    €53.40 Retail price €60.00 Incl. VAT €64.61
  5. Houder met statief voor spuitstaaltjes
    Magnetic Spray Steel Holder with Stand
    €36.38 Retail price €48.50 Incl. VAT €44.02
  6. Opbergsysteem voor spuitstaaltjes
    Storage System for Spray Samples
    €40.88 Retail price €54.50 Incl. VAT €49.46
  7. Infrarood Droogoventje voor spuitstaaltjes
    Infrared Drying Oven for Spray Samples
    €320.00 Incl. VAT €387.20

9 Items

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Spray Sample Plates for Car Spray Paint

Primed spray sample metal plates can be used for car paint color matching and car spray paint coverage control. Spray sample plates are used for both solvent and waterborne car paints. On the back side of the plates there is a space provided for making notes regarding car paint colour codes. In addition, there is a hole in the plate for convenience of storing. Very easy for keeping your own database of car paint! Spray sample metal plates are available in the following colours

  • White
  • Grey
  • Dark-Grey

Spray Sample Sleeves

Spray sample sleeves are small carton sleeves provide room for one painted spray sample. Basic information of the date, car type, colour code and remarks can be listed on the sleeve. When stored, the colour is visible at a glance through the square hole in the front of the sleeve. Per set of 250 pieces.

Filing System for Sample Plates

Filing system for 250 SSP spray sample plates with or without envelope. System carries one plastic filing box with 6 adjustable dividers, 32 blank labels and a marker to make notes on the back of the plates.

3D Spray Sample

3D spray samples can be used for test spraying ‘special effects’ colours like cameleon, candy flip-flop effect car paints. The complex shape of the spray sample allows the operator to check car spray paints in all angles.

Magnet Holder and Stand

Magnet holder (fork) and magnet stand for hands-free handling of the SSP spray samples.

Drying Oven for Spray Sample Plates

Drying oven for spray samples simulates the curing process of a spraybooth by using a combination of infrared heating and airblow system for an optimum result. Drying oven is suited for drying water-based paints as well as solvent-based car paints. Drying oven has an air valve, a temperature gauge and a timer.

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