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Paint Strainers

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Paint Strainers

Paint filters are essential for the serious car painter to eliminate contaminants to improve finish and reduce reworking time. As important as a good gun and good lighting. You'd be surprised just how many particles of dirt and debris actually get into your paint supplies, but you'll see for yourself when you use one of these paint strainers for the first time! Paint strainer filtration is perfect when working with automotive paint, industrial spray paint and wood coatings. These paper paint strainers are perfect for straining all types of paints, stains and liquids. They remove dried flakes, lumps, filaments and other dust particles from paint. Available grades

  • 125 Micron
    • Sensitive top coats
  • 190 Micron
    • Waterborne top coats
  • 260 Micron
    • Solvent top coats
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